Monday, July 30, 2012

Basic Teachings of the Holy QUR'AN

The most fundamental messages in the holy Qur'an which apply to all mankind are :belief, prayer and good deeds.The verses which contain the above themes are among the most frequent in the holy Qur'an.In order of frequency the following division can be made:

                        1.Belief and good deeds
                        2.Prayer and good deeds
                        3.Prayer only
Two important conclusion can br drawn from the above.

1.Belief and good deeds:The term is  absulately the basic requirment in Islam.Numerous verses confirm this.To believe in Allah is the primary requirment and in this sense we must also believe  in Allah's revelations.His messsengers and the Day of Judgement.

                          "    (2:177) It is not righteousness that ye turn your faces towards East and West ;but    righteous is he  who believeth in Allah and Last Day and the angels and the Scripture and the Prrophets;and giveth his wealth,for the love of him,to kinsfolk and to orphans  and the needy and the wayfarer and those who ask, and set slaves free; and is steadfast in prayer and invests in zakat.And those who keep their treaty when they make one and are patient in tribulation and adversity and time of stress.Such are they who are sincere.Such are the Allah-fearing."

2.Prayer and good deeds:Prayer is important, but has little value on its own without the good deeds.As a matter of fact every good deed is an act of obedience to Allah(ibadat) and even the work we do to earn our livings , as long it is done honestly ,is ibadat. The following verses give  weight to the above assertions:
                           "(4:95)Those who believers who sit still ,other than those who have a hurt are not on an equality with those who strive in the way of Allah  with their wealth and lives .Allah hath conferred on those who strive with their wealth and lives a rank above sedantary.Unto each Allah hath promised good ,but He hath bestoeed on those who strive a great reward above the sedantary."

                            "(3:200)O ye who believe !Endure, out do all others in endurance ,be ready , and observe your duty to Allah ,in order  that ye may succeed"

                             "(4:124)And whoso does good works ,whether male or female,and he or she is a believer, such will enter paradise and not the least injustice will be done to them"

                             "(34:4)That He may reward those who believe and do good works ,for them is a pardon and a rich provision."  

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  1. The basic teaching of the holy Qur'an is should be followed.